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Universal Poem

One person
One verse
The poem of a species

Nothing is more Universal than a Poem, nothing more personal than writing a verse that defines you as a person and that represents you as an individual. That you can be you, through what you think, what you feel or what you love. Your verse is a unique and personal legacy that together with those of other human beings on the planet, will form the collective legacy of our species. A collective poem written individually by all of us. A poem with no end written until the end of the world, a beautiful poem, a Universal Poem.


  1. Write your verse at
  2. You have up to 70 characters, all for you
  3. You can do it here, but also from Twitter & SMS
  4. Twitter: Write it from Twitter following your verse with #writeup
  5. SMS: Text your verse from your phone to this number: +1 251 758 3820
  6. Write it, dedicate it, share it.